During the past several hundred years a certain fear somehow got locked into
the cultural mix, which denied western
men the freedom to wear skirts.
Make no mistake, at least half the male
population would like to wear skirts. The only thing that has stopped them is fear.

A woman decides for herself but the collective of masculinity decides for men. Men must conform as dictated by the regime, whereas women's individuality is now established beyond all doubt. Women have the freedom to be themselves and to dress however they wish. Men now want to claim this freedom to be individuals.

Some years ago the financial markets of the western world were deregulated.
Deregulation was in fact misapplied.

Had the same enthusiasm been applied to the deregulation of Dress and the defeat of the uniformed terrorist enemy within masculinity the world would now be a better place.

Despite men's obvious advantages over women in many areas, there still remains among the male population a certain envy regarding the freedoms enjoyed by women.

Dissatisfaction has been exacerbated by women's new-found freedom because there has not been enough reciprocation of freedom for men.
It is really only since the end of the sixteenth century that western men ceased to wear skirts.

There remained of course the kilt. But the kilt had been relegated to ethnicity and a warrior-like collectivism. Outside the arena of tribalized masculinity a man would have needed an excuse to be permitted to wear one.

Skirts for men nearly happened with the "renaissance" of the 1960's and '70's when great progress was made in the depolarization of men's and women's roles.

But almost coinciding in time with that movement was the campaign for the rights of homosexuals - the so-called gays - for originally the word "gay" did not mean "homosexual".
It meant the opposite to sad or drab.

The homosexual movement took the word "gay", applied it to itself as if it had a monopoly on not being drab and thus equated not being drab with being homosexual.
Ironically, from all the evidence homosexual men do not appear to be especially adept at not being drab.
On the contrary and aside from drag shows where the aesthetic is parodied, "gays" are among the drabbest and most trouser-obsessed men on earth.
By giving priority to the wishes of that particular group, society effectively rendered all men unable to move forward.

The prioritization of rights for specialist groups to the detriment of freedom for all has for too long blocked progress for all men and society.

Where protective clothing for work, or weather is not required, skirts for men is the way to go.
Collectivism and Individualism live side by side as far as freedom of dress is concerned.

Many a latter-day Edwardian still wears pyjamas in bed thus depriving himself of the natural, normal sensuality of letting his two legs touch one another. By day and evening of course, his legs are always encased in trousers. Rarely the twain shall meet.
This is as nonsensical as the Victorian bathing costume or the cleric who could not remove his stiff, neck-chafing collar in the sweltering midday sun.
The wearing of trousers so consistently has surely been an indication of mass fear.

Skirts and Gender
Copyright March 2009 -2015   EMPERMAN   Skirts
Men will no longer settle for the imposed blandness of the James Dean 1955 uniform of tee-shirt and jeans, which is really only a slightly cooler version of what Winston Churchill wore.
Men are already beginning to wear skirts. More people today are realizing that both sexes should strive to reach the more finely-tuned middle ground. For that is where the real enchantment is found.
Polarization is no longer required.
So let's cut to the chase. No further delay is necessary.
Any gender can wear skirts.

Uniformed Edwardian